Absolute Linux 14.2

Ovde možete predstaviti ili diskutovati o distribucijama baziranim na Slackware-u (Salix, Zenwalk, Porteus, itd)

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Absolute Linux 14.2

Objavljena je i verzija Absolute-a bazirana na Slacku 14.2.
Comes in a 32 as well as a 64-bit version. Same basic functionality, but most everything updated under the hood. No longer fits on a single CD -- the usual installation method is a USB stick. With this size-constraint removed, larger apps like LibreOffice and Calibre are now included in the base installation.

Both installers have an "Autoinstall" option, which partition and format your drive. The 64-bit version will make GPT partitions if you are booting EFI. But just as with Slackware, you need to turn off Secure Boot in the bios if it is set.

The apps and development libraries are more extensive than previous releases. If you opt to run the multimedia installer (post-install) you also get Openshot and Handbrake, in addition to the already installed Asunder, Audacity, Evince, Easytag, Gimp, Inkscape, pulseaudio-system-wide equalizer, StreamTuner2, ClipGrab...
basically a whole lot of goodies. But without the load of overhead found in many other systems.
Kad i ako stignem da ga testiram, postaviću i screenshot u prvi post ove teme.

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