Desktop distribucije za stare računare

Odeljak za diskusije o ostalim Linuks distribucijama i drugim *NIX-like operativnim sistemima

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Bolje Vas nasao. :)

Nisam imao nameru da ovu rubriku pretvaram u advocacy. Siguran sam da Slackware ima respektabilne performanse i kvalitete, samo sam hteo da potvrdim ono sto je kazao saleo. Ja doticni OS koristim kao server/firewall cca 4 god, a kao desktop cca 3,5 god i meni odgovara, sto ne znaci da drugima ne treba da odgovara njihov izabrani OS.

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Ok. Fer. :) Izvinjavam se na "negostoljubivosti". ;)

Btw, ne moraš da cenzurišeš ime. :) Mada se ova tema bavi Linuks distribucijama. Više bih voleo kada bi *BSD imali svoje teme. ;) Možeš na primer napisati novu temu u kojoj bi predstavio OpenBSD svojim rečima. Možda i neki link koji bi uveo Linuksaše u razlike. Tako nešto bi bilo dobrodošlo. Mada u ovom trenutku gledamo da podignemo kvantitet i kvalitet sadržaja vezanog za Slack. Još uvek smo malo tanki u nekim oblastima. Posle toga bi došlo u obzir i formiranje *BSD podforuma ako bude dovoljno kvalitetnog sadržaja.

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Turbopup Xtreme v1.0 - The fastest dog on Earth

- Zero CPU overhead and extremely low memory footprint (uses ~10 MB of RAM!)

- A fully-featured, streamlined and simplified desktop environment.

- Fat, bloat and junk-free

- Only the most essential system processes running by default

- Loaded with even more apps and stuff without increasing the ISO size (still under 100 MiB)

- Up to date software packages

- Tons of bugfixes, patches and improvements

- More user friendly for users coming from the 'Proprietary OS': tweaked file manager, double-click operation, PrintScreen takes snapshots, upgraded WM with rounded corners and the ability to resize windows from the top

- Distro with a relatively modern kernel that works great on ancient (and new) hardware
Alpha 1:
- Widgets disabled by default
- Disabled background services
- Disabled polling and autorun events
- Optimized SeaMonkey - no bloat
- Tweaked ROX filer and desktop to be more user-friendly for Windows refugees
- Disabled thumbnails
- Simplified fat-free desktop: single desktop,no applets,no side and top bars,etc.
- Disabled window coordinates
- Tweaked Geany
- JWM with rounded corners
- Script tweaks and improvements
- Various optimizations

Alpha 2:
- Improved (faster and safer) SeaMonkey browsing with AdBlock, NoScript (blocks Flash and much more!), Duplicate Tab and User Agent Switcher
- Improved audio support with the FLAC plugin for AlsaPlayer
- Fixes for Remaster Express, Blinky and Freememapplet
- Fat-free cursor theme - no ugly drop-down shadows and animated distractions
- RP-PPPOE GUI makes life easier for users with a DSL connection
- GTKHash file checksum / hash calculator
- Firelog, the handy firewall monitor returns
- More tweaks
- Boots faster

Alpha 3:
- Removed a truckload of junk files
- Major strippage
- Fixed a tiny bug in the Connection Wizard script. RP-PPPOE GUI works now
- Fixed mtPaint screenshot capture bug
- Upgraded JWM to the latest version
- Silenced the last few JWM error messages
- XSane scanning speed fixed (now 15x faster)
- Mountcifs and ntbtscan patch
- Fixed Abiword with MS XDOC support
- Network Wizard update Apr 01
- Updated (better looking) Blinky
- Enhanced SeaMonkey with Puppy Bookmarks
- More speed tweaks
- Firewall tweaks
- Boots even faster
- 2 MiB smaller

Alpha 3a:
- Bugfix release

Beta 1:
- 'Turbopup Xtreme' brings blazing-fast performance and extremely low memory usage
- Even faster boot times
- A bit smaller
- Some visual tweaks

v1.0 FINAL:
- Desktop loading is noticeably faster
- Uses 1MB less memory than Beta 1
- Improved disk performance with FAT32 and EXT partitions
- New packages: PSync, pCD, PupTV, You2Pup and more
- Massive update: Updated a lot of packages to the latest version
- Simplified menus and less clutter
- Updated extensions for SeaMonkey
- Now comes with AdBlock filters for SeaMonkey (enabled by default)
- Power saving and screen saver disabled by default for maximum performance (you can enable them easily if you need them)
- Added ability to capture snapshots with the 'PrintScreen' key
- Many bugfixes and improvements: fixed more stuff that was broken in the original Puppy
- New help page and Turbopup 'branding'

DeLi(cate) is a fork of DeLi Linux 0.8 targeted at very old and low RAM computers.
It's developed independently of DeLi's successor ConnochaetOS.
It's based on the 2.4 series kernel and uClibc to minimize the resource utilization.
We may eventually introduce 2.6 or 3.x series kernels in the future releases in order to support more recent hardware.

Minimum requirements:
CPU : i386 (or compatible)
RAM : 8MB (console only) / 14MB (with GUI)
HDD : 300MB
Zenix uses Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) as a base. Debian provides a stable base and was therefore chosen over the more rapid release cycle, and changes, associated with an Ubuntu base.

The goal of Zenix is to provide a light weight "base" without sacrificing functionality expected of a Desktop.

Zenix provides light window managers (openbox/awesome) and light weight applications such as cream/gedit rather then OpenOffice.
Minimum Requirements

Zenix will run on as little as 60 mb RAM (using awesome window manager), although to do so a swap partition is required (make the swap partition before you bootx/install). Zenix runs reasonably fast on 128 Mb, using midori as a web browser. Icecat (Firefox) will run, but is noticeably slow.

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